What Tools do you use?

Photoshop CC. Sketchbook Pro. Wacom Cintiq. Prismacolor Col-erase Blue Pencils. kneaded erasers. Micron Pens. Pentel Brush Pens and Sketchbooks. In fact I try to draw in mine daily for at least 30 minutes a day. See my article on HOW TO KEEP A SKETCHBOOK.

A digital timer. In order to accomplish a lot of work, I like to use whats called the Pomodoro Technique. I will be posting an article on how I implement this technique in my daily work.

What was your very first gig?

I was 14 and the owner of the local Furniture Store in Round Rock TX asked me to design a logo for him. I was paid $950 and the logo was on all of his ads and trucks for years until he retired. It was the job that made me realize that I could actually get paid to draw for a living.

Did you go to college?

NO. at the time I graduated high school my family couldn’t afford to send me. My father having been to Vietnam (3 tours) talked me out of the military. at that time the first gulf war was going on. SO, I worked at a comic shop and the owner introduced me to many comic book artists and eventually, I crashed on many couches across the country apprenticing for comic book artists. I went through some Karate kid style lessons at this time.

What advice do you have about college?

I don’t think everyone needs it. I was a rare case. each person has a different Journey. Internships are possible choices. however, if I could go to art School… I would really research the best school in the field I want to work in. If you are going to go broke paying for a school. make sure it’s the best. I won’t name names but the Institutions that are stamped in every major city. DONT GO TO THESE SCHOOLS. They will promise you everything under the sun, just to take your money.

However. Going to a good school will not make you the artist you want to be. You have to work hard at it. that’s why its called ARTWORK. When you get an assignment you need to really study the subject and go the extra mile to get good at that thing. skip going to a party with friends. or playing that video game. because in the end. It’s your art that speaks for itself. not a piece of paper saying you graduated.

What’s your advice for getting better at art?

yes, art should be fun. enjoyed. however. Athletes train every day to be the best at their job. Train like an athlete. every day. do not let your failures stop you. do not be satisfied with your past success and think no further effort is necessary. You must always study for that next job you want. it’s never-ending. Do you want to be the best? you need to take it seriously. You have to love it this much.