Thank you for visiting. Yeah it’s been some time since I updated. But I plan on changing that soon. I am currently working on a Buffer so that I will be able to post 1 comic strip a WEEK alongside my comic book stories like Kid Squid. I’ll be asking for your support later this year in helping me reach my goal of doing this full time. Why late in the year? well the truth is the prop design I do for WB animation takes up all of my time and it is my bread and butter right now. Don’t get me wrong but I love every minute of the work I am doing. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to fully announce when my show will air on Cartoon network. I am super Proud of this job. The amount of work I have done is probably the most I have ever produced on a single project. Toward the end of the Year I should be wrapped up on the first season of Wabbit!

Anyway…. If you are still reading this I will need your help in so many ways. whether its donating a Dollar here and there or just sharing my work. It is you guys that I will need more than anything to achieve a goal of cartooning for Myself. Thank you and please follow me on Instagram where I spend a lot of my attention on the web. i am @ChadTHX1138