It kills me to have to discuss and explain a joke. Really a comic needs to work without it. As well I’ve probably been too obscure with my gags of late.

If you’ve downloaded and played angry birds space or read reviews or articles about it, you will find a lot of Fans like myself bought the game without a second thought. only to discover that once you played the first two worlds you then had to pay again to unlock the next 30 levels and again and again. As well each time to use the power up Space Eagle. they doled out the first 3 like crack.

Now mind you, I think the studio should earn money for making a great game. I admired them for not jumping on the micro payment bandwagon on the previous releases of Angry Birds. This new release IMO was the wrong way to go about it. Charge one fee for a couple bucks more and be done with it. Instead it feels like I’m buying the free version over and over.

The best way I see to monetize a game with micro payments is not to lock the player from the levels. You just frustrate people and lose customers.

Take the game Battlefield Heroes for instance. the game is completely unlocked and free to play. You don’t need anything to play against any class or any level against anyone in the world. The way BFH makes money are off of customizations to your character. You can purchase costumes, power ups as well upgrade to better weapons. There are tons choices you can make for an enjoyable experience. To the point that when you play against other players your fighting strategy is totally different. It’s a fancy version of Rock Paper Scissors. I gladly payed out money and I thought of it as tipping and supporting the team.

This strategy of course couldn’t be applied to Angry Birds. They just need to stick to their original plan and charge once. Players are catching on…