Through the power of a mystical pen he is the walking zombie cartoonist known only as…. Chad Townsend.

Hey there…. I can’t bare to write about myself in the 3rd person cuz, its just corny. I mean, everyone knows I wrote it anyway. Am I right?

So, I’ve been drawing since I was a little pain in the rear. I got my first paying art job when I was 14. I earned 950$ for a logo I designed for a furniture store in my home town. As a teenager I skipped college & apprenticed with several comic cartoonists. Not cuz i wanted it. I just didn’t have the means to afford college. With a lot of hard work and drive I’ve been working professionally since the week of my 23rd birthday.

I have worked on many video games, animated tv series and even a movie as a prop designer, environment artist as well as a character designer, which I am proud to say is my current position with the house of Mouse. With all My accomplishments and all the cool projects and studios I have had the fortune to work for, it still sometimes hasn’t hit me. Maybe cause I am so busy trying to stay on top of what I’m doing. Nonetheless I’m still chasing the dream just as I did before.

I pray for everyone that tells me they want to do what I do, in that they find the drive to achieve their dreams and goals too.

Thanks to everyone for reading, commenting and sending me your kind letters. Take care -Chad Townsend