Todays comic kicks off the beginning of another character. I feel it’s necessary┬áto establish this now for later purposes if I choose to go there. This layout is by far the craziest I’ve come up with and the most panels too.

After I get this first 20 or so pages out of the way I will be moving on to a Second Chapter…. Or Issue. From here I will be trying to do short serialised┬ástories. The first being Kid Squid. Next Pandora. Then maybe…. just maybe Kick off my first Black Phantom Serial.

I am very nervous about doing a Black Phantom comic. it is special to me and I have a hard time letting go of this one so easily. because I want to get it so right. However, you just have to let go and put it out into the world. Right? I have an entire set of Black Phantom serials in 3 parts written and thumbnailed. ready to go. I have studied the heck out of how I want to tell the origin of the Black Phantom too. But want to hold off till later. I want it to be special.

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