I am pretty excited about today’s comic! This little girl has been an idea in my sketchbooks for 20 years. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see a couple sketches here and there over the last couple years. Anyway, please Welcome Pandora to my mini-universe! I am gonna have some fun with her. I can’t wait I cant wait. She is going to be virtually unstoppable. Yes, you can tell me there’s a similarity to Skottie Youngs I hate Fairyland. and guess what?! That’s awesome to me and yeah I’d be lying if I said A: I never read it B: don’t think it’s a totally awesome series. because it rocks. If you haven’t read it. Go buy the Trade. it’s out now. But Pandora is mine and this will be a load of fun for me.

I hope to get enough characters rolling through here with little short stories and establish enough of a head start that I can talk friends of mine to contribute their stories. Fun fun fun.

Comment and let me know what you guys think so far and as always you can join my brigade of Rapscallions, just Share, Retweet. click those social media buttons. Help me do this full time!! You have the power my friends!  v v v