My recent trip to Warner Bros.

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Something I commented on, reminded me that I spent some time working at Warner Bros. Animation recently and I forgot to ever mention it. It’s the first time in the 18 years I have been working in entertainment that I have actually felt like I was working in the entertainment industry. In most of my years working at studios, most of them are in plain looking office buildings. there are no indicators that a studio is even there. it’s nothing really special. just a place with desks in them. But this time I flew out to Burbank to work for a couple weeks and lo and behold their animation buildings are on actual movie studio lots. It’s very surreal to drive into a place and see entire fake towns and streets with houses that you are familiar with.

I saw the Christmas Vacation House and walked in. No joke…. The Noel Post is at the top of the stairs! Next door is the Lethal Weapon house and so on. It was a privilege to roam the studios freely like I did. On one of my exploration days. A Saturday. the only thing going on at the studio was a movie being filmed called Hail Cesar. It’s a Coen Brothers film starring a huge cast, about a crew of guys making a Roman Epic in the 30’s. On my walk around the studio I was able to observe a lot of folks dressed in the era clothing as well a lot of really old cars that were parked everywhere. At one point I was all alone on the New York street texting my wife. when i heard this car coming from one end and I looked up to see George Clooney driving by… Grinning bigger than anything and throwing up a hand to wave at me. That’s one happy newly wed. I even ran into Josh Brolin. I look back at it and feel embarrassed with myself. Geez…. He is a Goonie.

I saw so much. more so on the day my Wife and Kids came to visit. here’s a short list off the top of my head. Visited the Teen Titans Go team and head Producer. Did not bother Bruce Timm at all……… Got a tour of some pretty amazing offices at WB animation. Walked onto the sets of Big Bang Theory. The set for the house on The Middle, Met the Daughter on that show. The sets for Two and a Half Men. Saw all of the Batman Movie costumes and Props. Saw several Big Bang Cast members. Spent about 20 minutes with Twitch from So You think you can Dance. Sat at Dinner one table over from Ron Howard and his Brother. Saw Nueman from Sienfeld. Saw one of the Jacksons at breakfast one morning…. very awkward. and much more. Spent a couple days at Disney land before Christmas. Yes it was the weekend of the now well known Measles outbreak that started there.

I could go on. But I had a blast. I forgot to mention I’m working with a pretty amazing team on this new show called Wabbit. It will blow your minds at how good it is. Everyone is working hard and doing a top notch job. I cant wait till it airs so I can share it with you.

Expect to see me visiting WB on another work trip soon.

“That’s All Folks” – Chad

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