Pool Party

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First issue of Kid Squid completed!

  Go read the whole thing NOW!

Oscar Zahn Fan Art

Yup… I love this Webcomic the Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn…. Go read it HERE!!! 

The Joker

What’re you doin Jokerrrrrr…..? I’ve been wanting to color this. but I really like the whole Film Noir feel of it. Also…. Do you...

How do you get those clean lines? Miyagi Dojo Training for artists.

On social media, I often get comments asking “How do you get those clean lines?” other than the obvious answers, “Training, draw every day”...

Kid Squid starts today!

Starting February 7th… read it here!

Deadpool painting

Here is a Deadpool piece I drew for fun and my folio. I painted this using Adobe Photoshop CC. I highly recommend trying out...