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Work in progress

Currently working on my next Black Phantom comic, “Holy Terror”. I’m redrawing this bottom panel today because I love the thumbnail layout for it....

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The Black Phantom cover wip

Cover to my comic. Color coming soon.   crowdfunding late summer.

Duk & Hyde #73

The newest episode of my rarely made Comic strip.  

The Black Phantom model

Going to be more active with my site. I will start off with a model sheet of the Black Phantom. I will be crowdfunding...

Pool Party

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Oscar Zahn Fan Art

Yup… I love this Webcomic the Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn…. Go read it HERE!!! 

The Joker

What’re you doin Jokerrrrrr…..? I’ve been wanting to color this. but I really like the whole Film Noir feel of it. Also…. Do you...