First off…

Thanks for showing up. I mean it. I decided I will try and tackle a regular comic of my own. My biggest drawback to never doing anything of my own was the fact that I am so busy drawing for my job that I have just exhausted my own personal creativity at times. But I still take the time to doodle and paint now and then. If you know me I post stuff regularly on Instagram. (Also thank you to everyone who follows me on IG.) If I didn’t have my job drawing I’d do it for the love of it anyway. It’s hard trying to keep it up and have time for family. But I want to try and put in the effort and not procrastinate. Life is so short and precious that I feel I need to invest in myself. With my own projects and characters and ideas.

For week’s, I have mentally struggled on how to go about handling goals and rewards on Patreon. I was actually following in line with some of the guys who I’d seen running pretty successful campaigns wherein they would offer tiers that would say things like “if I get this much, I’ll post 2-3 times a week!” Yippeeeeee. many of whom are professionals. Recently I had heard Scott Kurts talk about this on his podcast Surviving Creativity. He sort of sums it up saying…. These guys are pros and can handle the extra work. If they really wanted to be doing the work they’d have done it already. Instead of dangling extra work like it’s some sort of reward. He said it best “SHUT UP AND DRAW!” Really what these pro’s should really be saying is. I’m broke…. I need the money to do these projects. This is what I really want to be doing. Help me.

So I completely deleted everything off of my Patreon page and started over. trying to make everything as realistic as I can. As far as what I am able to accomplish and what I need. Being transparent. I have trouble asking for your help and support.

So I am going to ask you for some very simple things. You can support me by just writing to me. Commenting. Keeping me motivated. I try to respond to people. Seriously. I’m a good guy. You can share my comics with your friends, family and coworkers. Use any means like Social networking, email or texts. If you want to help me financially go to my shop. Go over to my  Patreon page and Donate  as little as 25 CENTS if that’s all you can handle. Seriously. If I could get enough people to take the time and sign up and give me a quarter each month or per comic. That would add up in a big way. You would be doing me a great service in supporting me in my craft. I certainly wouldn’t want you to give up too much if you can’t afford it. I understand.

So… Here it is. I hope to post my comics and characters. explore and draw them in different ways. Draw them simple, one story or paint an entire story the next. I’m gonna try and have fun. Keep stories short for now. Much like you would see in the Hellboy comics. that way I can keep some attainable goals. Because epics are just insanity. (maybe someday) – Thanks for visiting. I hope you keep checking in and commenting.

Take Care – Chad Townsend