Thus begins the origin of a new character in my comics. I’m pretty excited. this one has been sitting in my sketchbook as an idea for a long time. Is Pandora a new and original Idea? no. I do however want to play it a little different.

I did enjoy studying up on greek mythology for this. if you go and read about Pandora you will find that it does have a bit of an innuendo to the meaning behind the story. it’s kind of like the greek version of Adam & Eve, explaining sexual temptation through and object. However, I am going to go off in the other direction and go full on Monster movie with this. I have an idea of where I want this to go but like you the reader, at the same time I am seeing where the character is going too. I’m gonna let her tell me where she wants to go. It sounds odd I know but I’m gonna try and play it like that. This can go really bad or be a lot of fun. hahaha!

As I progress forward with my comics, my intention is to create short story arc’s and end them. with a bit bigger idea of where I want to go. but really it’s to keep me firmly planted and give myself easy goals and objectives. I feel if I try to Run and do a massive epic before I have learned to walk would be insane. You would see less work out of me than this. Also, short stories will give me the opportunity to bring out all the characters I have dreamed of telling stories with. that includes villains. so around page 24 or so, you guy’s will have the first issue. After that, I may consider printing this as a physical comic. Or I may wait till I have a 96 or 120 pages and make a Trade paperback. It’s too early to get ahead of myself. little steps Chad…. little steps. – Chad T.