Uncle Scrooge

Life is like a Hurricane… When I was a kid, I used to save my snacks at lunch just so I could eat them while I watched Ducktales. I recall it being pudding cups. Butterscotch. Uncle Scrooge was the guy that I had daydreamed about running around with and piloting off with Launchpad behind the wheel. Huey, Dewey and Luey always finding the answers to everything in their Junior Woodchuck guidebook. I had grown up a product of Disney, Atari, GiJoe… A child of the 80’s. a grand time to be a kid. A couple years ago I was hired at the Disney Studio Junction Point to be a Character designer. I was hired because of my passion for both Disney and Ducktales. Last Year I spent 9 months developing characters for a Ducktales pitch. I created over 300 Non Playable Characters including the main cast. Something I am very proud to have worked on. I am sad to say at one point the project was put on hold so that resources or people could be allocated to help wrap up Epic Mickey 2. This was my initial take on Uncle Scrooge, the way I would have liked to seen him. I was asked to cut back and follow Carl Barks a bit more. As far as I know, the new version of Ducktales coming out from Capcom is totally unrelated to this. I had a great time living in Duckburg. I hope to visit again someday. #ducktales #scrooge #woohoo


One comment to “Uncle Scrooge”
One comment to “Uncle Scrooge”

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